Your Privacy Protected


Our Services

Ubiquitii provides a set of social media management capabilities (available in Team, Professional, Enterprise, and other plans) that can be accessed through our websites and mobile apps. These solutions allow you to consolidate all of your social media accounts into a single web platform for simple access and management. You may use this platform to manage your social media, marketing, and advertising initiatives, as well as communicate with your audiences, schedule and post messages, and analyze the outcomes. These tools are collectively referred to as our "Services." When we provide the Services to you, we are acting as a service provider.

The privacy rules and agreements of the social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn (collectively, the "Social Networks"), govern their acquisition, use, and management of personal information. When you use Social Networks, you must adhere to their privacy rules and restrictions. Because Ubiquitii is not responsible for the Social Networks, we urge that you read their privacy policies and conditions carefully.

Our Services also allow you to modify and connect your Ubiquitii account to third-party services ("Third-Party Services"), such as apps from the App Directory or apps available through our platform. These third parties' gathering of your information is regulated by the privacy policies and agreements of the Third-Party Services. Because Ubiquitii is not responsible for Third-Party Services, we urge that you read their privacy policies and conditions carefully.

When collecting, using, or disclosing information about persons through the Services, we rely on you to follow all applicable privacy laws, including obtaining any necessary consents and providing any necessary notices. We shall address any inquiries or complaints we receive about your usage of the Services to you for additional assistance.

Our Services are not intended for children's use and should only be used by adults who are at least 18 years old and utilizing them for business purposes.


What kind of data do we gather?

Account Information

Your contact and profile information, such as your name, email address, organization name, and address; your preferences, such as language, time zone, and the types of messages you'd like to receive from us; and an image (if you choose to provide this). We may also collect this information if you choose to create or access your account using a social login service, such as Facebook Login.

Billing and other payment information, including payment method data, such as credit card number (if you join up for a paid service or purchase a Third-Party Service).

The Services you've purchased from us, including the type of plan, the number of team members, and transaction information.



For the Social Networks you choose to connect to the Services, your social profile information. Your Facebook username and profile image, for example, may be included in your profile information.

If you prefer to share this information, you can include an address, a city, or a specific location.

Your messages, posts, comments, photos, advertising, and other content that you curate on and upload to the Services; and data acquired from the Social Networks that you choose to connect to and displayed on our Services.

Third-party personal information may be included in content you send and receive through Social Networks. This may include information provided or shared by social media users, such as names, photographs, age, gender, geographic location, opinions, preferences, and phone numbers.


How do we use your information?

We must identify and authenticate our users in order to ensure that only individuals who are permitted to access the Services for their organization can do so, as well as make modifications to their accounts.

We use the information you give us when you sign up to create your account, process payments, communicate with you about the Services, and maintain your account.

We use your contact information and information about your request to react to your questions and requests, administer our relationship with you, and provide you updates and information about the Services.

To assist us manage the performance, security, and compliance of the Services, we employ logging and other data such as general location information—for example, the IP address of your browser or device.

We utilize your precise location information to deliver location-based services, such as enabling you to share your location on your posts for Social Networks that enable this functionality, and to use any functionality that relies on location information, where you have opted to share it.

We evaluate usage data, your feedback, support tickets, and survey results to discover problems and better understand how you use the Services so that we can improve them.

In order to provide the Services, we use Content, information you transmit and receive through Social Networks, and other information from these Social Networks (such as your messages, posts, comments, photos, advertising, and other content you curate on and upload to the Services).

Your Information, your rights

When you use our Services, you can edit your profile or organization record and access, update, or correct much of your Account information by logging in to your account.


Please email our privacy team if you have requirements that cannot be fulfilled by login into your account, such as getting additional information or deleting information about you. Please keep in mind that we may need to keep certain information about you for as long as you have an account with us, in order to provide you with our Services, to keep records, to process payments, to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, to resolve disputes, or to enforce the applicable terms of service or other agreement in place between you and Ubiquitii (the "Terms of Service").


Requests to access, rectify, update, or delete your information must be made in writing to our privacy team and will be processed within thirty (30) days unless they are exceptionally extensive or complicated, in which case we will notify you of the expected schedule for processing your request.


If you've given us permission to access your Social Network account in order to provide the Services, you can cancel that permission at any time by following the steps outlined here. You can revoke our access to your data via the Google security settings page, which is located here, if you have authorized us to access your data via the YouTube API services. In addition to our normal procedure for deleting stored data, you can revoke our access to your data via the Google security settings page, which is located here.


If you have any other general questions about your account, you may contact our Support team via one of the methods given above.



What international data transfers occur at Ubiquitii?

Information about you may only be transferred from your region to other regions if certain conditions are met under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection legislation. For example, if proper data protections are in place, information about you may be transmitted from the European Economic Area (EEA) to outside the EEA under the GDPR. Information about you may be transmitted from the EEA to Canada because the European Commission deems Canada to be a nation that provides adequate data protection.


Ubiquitii also uses third-party service providers to offer the software, networking, infrastructure, and other services required to operate the Services, such as managed hosting providers, credit card processors, and technology partners. These third-party suppliers may handle or store personal data on servers located outside of the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, such as in Canada or the United States. To ensure that information about you is lawfully transferred under EU legislation, we depend on adequacy (if sent to Canada) and standard contractual terms (if sent to the US or further to other countries). In this case, we've taken additional precautions, as described in the section "How do we protect your data?"


Social media data, by its very nature, can be shared with people all over the world. Your information may be collected, stored, and processed by the Social Networks and Third-Party Services that you choose to integrate with our Services from various locations across the world, according to their own terms and privacy policies.


How do we keep your information safe?

To keep your information safe, Ubiquitii uses industry-standard security measures. This includes providing proper security and privacy training and guidance to our workers so that they are aware of the safeguards they must take to protect your information.


Access restrictions are in place to restrict access to your data to only those who require it to do their jobs. For example, information about you may be shared with our customer service representatives in order to assist you with your requests. Individuals who have access to your information must follow strict confidentiality guidelines.


Wherever possible, we encrypt data in transit and at rest to guarantee that your information remains private. We conduct security and privacy inspections of service providers to verify that they comply with our high requirements for protecting your information, and we also enter into data protection agreements with them. All payment information is properly protected, and only PCI certified businesses handle it. Our Trust Center and Ubiquitii Security Practices web pages have more thorough information on our security practices.


How long do we retain your information?

In general, Ubiquitii does not save content from social media sites indefinitely. Instead, when you join in to the Services, we pull data from Social Networks in real time and present it in the platform for you to view during your session. Other Content that you create (such as draft Content for distribution on Social Networks) is stored on the Services so that you can easily access it. Messages in your Inbox are saved for 6 weeks to allow you to take any necessary actions, such as replying to them. For up to 25 months, Ubiquitii Analytic solutions like Analytics and Insights will store mentions about our clients from social media audiences, allowing our customers to do trending and analysis (see for example, the Ubiquitii Metrics library).


Ubiquitii uses aggregated data for analysis, product improvement, and troubleshooting. In some situations, Content may persist on Social Networks after you or we have removed it from our Services, and you will need to contact the relevant Social Network directly to get it removed.


We store your information for as long as it is necessary to offer the Services you have requested, to keep records, to comply with our legal requirements, to settle disputes, and to enforce the conditions of the Services. We shall dispose of or anonymize information on you in a safe manner after it is no longer required for us to keep it, or otherwise upon your request.


GDPR and UK data protection laws

Ubiquitii can operate as a data controller or a data processor, depending on the situation and the type of data involved.


Ubiquitii as a data controller

When we're using Ubiquitii as a data controller, we're:


To set up and maintain your Ubiquitii account, we'll need information from you (for example, account information like your name and email address).

Information about our website's usage is being tracked;

Keeping track of your contact and other relevant information in order to offer you marketing, services, and other communications;

Responding to a request for assistance or a general inquiry; and

Individuals are being recruited for job openings.


Legal bases for processing when Ubiquitii is a data controller:

The following are the legal bases for processing information about you:


Your permission is required (for example, when you have provided your information to sign up for an account or for a webinar; or you have provided your employment history when applying for a job). You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time if we rely on your consent to handle personal data.

It is required to carry out a deal (for example, we may need your information to fulfill our obligations of providing Services to you under the terms relevant to the Services you have acquired).

Legitimate interest (for example, to offer, maintain, and develop the Services for you, to maintain the Services' security, and to attract new customers to maintain demand for the Services, all of which are detailed in the section above titled "How do we use your information?").

In some cases, we may be required by law to process your personal data in order to comply with applicable laws (for example, processing payroll and tax information to comply with applicable employment and tax legislation); or processing is required to protect your vital interests or the interests of another person (for example, obtaining health-related information during a medical emergency).


Your rights when Ubiquitii is a data controller

We have described specific rights under the section "What are your rights regarding the information about you?" when Ubiquitii is acting as a data controller.


You might also hold the following rights:


·      Right to object to data processing: you have the right to ask Ubiquitii to cease processing data on you (for example, to stop sending you marketing communications).

·      Right to limit processing: You have the right to request that we limit how we use information about you (for example, where you believe that this information is inaccurate).

·      Right to data portability: You have the right to request that Ubiquitii give you with information about you in a structured, machine-readable, and frequently used format, as well as that we transmit this information to another data controller.

·      If you need assistance with any of the above requests, please send an email to our Privacy team with the specifics of your request so that we can see how we can assist you.


Ubiquitii as a data processor

You are acting as a data controller and Ubiquitii is acting as a data processor when you use our Services and make decisions about the personal data that is being processed in the Services (such as selecting the Social Network accounts you wish to connect to the Services or uploading and using Content).


As a data controller, you have specific obligations under the GDPR, including being responsible for controlling Content on the Services. As a data processor, Ubiquitii will only access and handle Content in accordance with your instructions (which you provide through the Services), the Conditions of Service, the terms of the Social Networks, and applicable laws. We may process Content as part of providing the Services in order to improve the Services' usability and create new features.


If you, as a data controller, require Ubiquitii to agree to data protection requirements under Article 28, GDPR, or UK data protection regulations, Ubiquitii makes a data processing addendum available. Please send an email to our Privacy Team with your customer information (company name and plan information).


If you use the Services as an authorized user of a Ubiquitii customer (whether that customer is your employer, another organization, or an individual), that customer determines its own policies (if any) for storing, accessing, modifying, deleting, sharing, and retaining personal data and Content, which may apply to your use of the Services. Please inquire about the policies and settings in place with that customer.